There are tons of myths surrounding buying Instagram followers and chances are good that you’ve heard some of them in the past. When I first began using social media, these myths were rampant and I admit that I did assume that some were the truth until I finally wised up and checked it out for myself. These myths may have caused you to avoid the purchase or hold speculation in your mind. Today is the day to break free of those thoughts and learn more about the common myths that exist. When you know the truth, it will set you free!

Myth 1: It is Illegal to Buy Followers

So many people think buying followers on Instagram is illegal, but this isn’t the case. No one will swear out a warrant for your arrest simply because you make this purchase, you can bet your bottom dollar of that. This is a legal purchase for anyone to make.

Myth 2: It is Expensive to Make the Purchase

Again, there is no truth to this statement. You can buy followers for your account for next to nothing. It is the low cost an effective result that has captured the attention of so many people for so long now. It’s easy to compare costs with a few companies to get the best rates.

Myth 3:  All Companies are the Same

No two companies that sell followers are the same, whether it is in terms of their customer service or their costs. If you want to ensure a smooth purchase that doesn’t cost more than necessary, spend a few minutes of your time comparing the choices. It is easy to compare and gives you insight you’d otherwise been without. Buzzoid have been rated #1 for Instagram followers and likes since 2015, so they are definitely our recommendation!

Myth 4: You’ll Get Banned

It is possible to face a ban when using a followers purchase, but only if you make the purchase from a company that sells fakes. If you buy fakes, you are breaking the TOS on Insta and your account is subject to closure. It is easy to avoid this worry by choosing a company that sells real followers, as any legit operation will.

Myth 5: Followers are Hard to Buy

Don’t for one second think there is any truth behind this statement. This marketing technique may possibly be the easiest that you will ever use -ever. The most difficult decision that you have is choosing the right company to do business with. Tons of them are available, but not all made for your needs. However, the purchase itself is simple and you get the results in no time.

Have you heard any of these common myths in the past? Most people have heard at least one of them before and most people have heard numerous myths about this purchase. There are others that are also out there. Don’t believe what you hear and take the time to learn the truth of the matter. This is far too beneficial of a purchase to pass up!

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