When you own a restaurant that doesn’t bear a well-known, national name, it is essential to go the extra mile to tell the world that you exist. Getting your restaurant off the ground isn’t so hard when you’re not afraid to use the marketing techniques made for such purpose. Social media is one of the best marketing tools available to you today, particularly Instagram. With these platforms, reaching many people in and near your town is easy, and if you complete the deal with great food and customer service, your restaurant can thrive.

There are many ways to use social media to promote your restaurant and build new fans and loyal customers. It is ideal to use as many of the promotional tools available as possible to reach the broadest range of people.  Everyone loves to eat, so all that you really need to do is show that your restaurant has the foods they want.

As a photo sharing site, you can and should upload photos of your food to Instagram. Upload pics of the day’s special items and those favourites that the crowd simply cannot get enough of. A picture speaks a thousand words and when your audience sees firsthand the deliciousness they’re missing out on, they’ll want to make a change.

You can also use Instagram for giveaways and contests. One great way to keep your audience’s attention is through contests and giveaways. Few people dislike the chance to win a prize, especially when they favor a restaurant or want to know more about it.  Offer the chance to win on your page in exchange for a like or follow and get ahead.

People who take the time to follow you on Insta are very special people. Treat them as such and provide content that no one else sees. You should strive to create content that isn’t elsewhere and make a few special offers designed specifically for this group of people. A nice coupon makes customers happy and draws the crowds in through your doors.

Get personal with your audience and introduce them to the staff. When your audience sees the chef, the servers, and others on the team, they feel a closer connection. Include a short bio for the employees as well. Share one bio a week or every couple of weeks to give your fans a new look at your company.

Share things that don’t directly promote your business as well. Perhaps you can share a few recipes, a blog post about the benefits of seafood, or even content or videos related to romantic restaurants. Variety is the spice of life so look to post content that pertains to the restaurant industry to keep your audience happy.

Don’t forget to buy cheap Instagram followers while you’re promoting your page. A lot of people have made the purchase and know firsthand how wonderfully it works to spread the word of their existence. The cost to buy followers depends on the company you shop with, the number of followers you want to buy, and other factors, but is worth the small amount.

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